Siete niños acostado en el suelo sonriendo.EDUCATION

Parents Reaching Out is New Mexico’s Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center.  As the PTI for New Mexico, we serve families throughout the state who have children and young adults (from birth to age 21) receiving special education services.  From screening and evaluation to transitioning out of high school, our dedicated staff will support families with concerns about education.

We Help Families:

  • Obtain appropriate education and services for their children
  • Work to improve education results for their children
  • Resolve Problems between families and schools or other agencies
  • Connect families to community resources that address their needs
  • Understand the complexities of Special Education and to become empowered contributors to their child’s educational plan
  • Understand the Common Core State Standards
  • Understand New Mexico’s NCLB waiver and the reauthorization of ESEA
  • Advocate for their child using a collaborative approach

Please join us for a workshop, view our Education resources, or contact us. If you would like to be contacted by one of our family liaisons, please complete the form below.