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Toddler showing off hands full of paint.Contributor
$5.00 to $15.00

With your donation, you can help support general costs including: printing and distributing materials, office supplies, outreach, postage.

Mom, dad and their three kids smiling, standing out side, dad is holding one of the kids in the air by his leg. Family Sponsor

With your donation, you will cover the costs of a family to attend and advocate a state-wide advocacy meeting with other families, organizations and state representation.

Child making blowing gesture while being held by mother.
Volunteer Sponsor

With your donation, you can help support two medical students through a one-on-one, educational home visit with a family volunteer from PRO.

Nine children and two adults sitting in a circle, participating in a Sibshop.
Family Support Night Sponsor

With your donation, sponsor a family support night for families to network with other families, or a Sibshop to help sibs who have a sibling with a disability meet other sibs and share their experiences.

Bookshelf displaying various education materials and booklets.
Resource Room Sponsor

With your donation, you will be a part of renovating our resource room for families.  This would include the purchase of new chairs, tables, computer, books, projectors and screen.

Young child smiling, playing with an air guitar and large dress up glasses. General Donations

Do you want to support Parents Reaching Out with unrestricted funds? You can do that too!

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