Reading and Math LITERACY

At Parents Reaching Out, we are dedicated to empowering families to view themselves as one of the most important educators their child will ever have. Whether you’re a parent, an educator or a volunteer, here at Parents Reaching out, we have plenty of resources to help you battle illiteracy in your community. We support families to become active participants in their child’s education through information, education, and encouragement.

Six children sticking their head out of the windows on the school bus.

At PRO we can provide:

  • Resources parents can use to support Reading and Math Literacy at home
  • Ways parents can support learning at home; Reading to your child, Finding Materials, Reading together, Reading Aloud, Homework, and Asking questions
  • Ways to become engaged  in your child’s education
  • Special needs information
  • Information for parents on Common Core Standards used the classroom
  • Understanding the building blocks of reading and math literacy
  • Families with “Tips” that cover developmental milestones in education
  • Online activities you can use from your computer at home to have fun with your family
  • Workshops and Training that focus on helping families develop the skills, attitudes, and habits needed to make reading at home productive and enjoyable.
  • Understanding the five main Reading Components: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Reading Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension

Parents Reaching Out can also assist Families in preparing children for school and encourage families to be a part of their child’s learning by:

  • Offering Families resources to access free books in different languages so parents can read to their children in their first language
  • Building Collaborative Partnerships with the schools
  • Giving children and families the chance to spend time with other families
  • Linking families with appropriate community resources for special needs, health and other related services

Please join us for a workshop, view our literacy resources, or contact us. If you would like to be contacted by one of our family liaisons, complete the form below.