Scholarship Information

Thank you for your interest in attending the 16th Annual Family Leadership Conference!

Scholarships are reserved for parents or caregivers of a child with a disability, special needs or at-risk for developmental delay and youth with disabilities. You will need to submit your completed application to Parents Reaching Out no later than 2/7/2020.

You can submit your application online, via email, fax or regular mail. All mail-in applications must be postmarked on or before the deadline. Once your application is received, it will be scored according to need and available resources. If you are selected, you will be notified no later than 3/15/2020. Please note that there will be no childcare provided at the conference.
Since applying does not guarantee an award, we highly recommend that you begin requesting assistance from your School, Head Start, Special Education department, Tribal Education Departments and/or other resources. We will be happy to provide you with a letter to assist you with the request.

Scholarships will include the following:
1. Conference Registration Fee
2. Meals provided as part of the conference
3. Conference Materials
4. One standard hotel room for the duration of the conference if traveling more than 150 miles round trip.

Click here for a copy of the application.

You may submit your application:
Fax: 505-247-1345
Parents Reaching Out
2501 Yale Blvd. SE, Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87106.

If you have any questions, please call Belinda Vigil at 505-247-0192 or email

Submit your scholarship using the form below.

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Tell us about any challenges you have experienced in navigating early intervention, special education or health care.

What are you interested in learning at the conference?

Would you be interested in attending an introduction to the Family Leadership Academy? The Pre-Conference session will take place April 29, 2020 from 12am-6pm. Click here for more information on the Academy.