Leadership Academy

Two women sitting at a table, smilingLeadership comes in many different forms. Sometimes when we hear the word leadership we may think of an elected leader, a huge hassle or a scary road to go down.  But as parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs, we have all used leadership skills. For example, have you called the doctor’s office to make appointment, gathered people together for a celebration, or used the Internet to learn more about a topic?  This is the beginning of leadership for families. These are all skills that are used by leaders. Many times we don’t realize what we do in our everyday life displays leadership skills. Maybe some of you are aware of your skills and have been making a difference in your community.

The goal of the Parent Leadership Academy pre conference is to help you see your own leadership potential and how you can make a difference for families with disabilities in your community.  We are asking you to commit to attending the pre conference session to explore leadership and how you can be a part of making a difference.  We are looking for you to help lead our community by sharing information, answering questions, and learn more about the disability community. If you are interested, please fill out the application below to join us and take your skills to the next level.

Click here for the application to attend the Leadership Academy.