Information on the Family Supports and Reimbursement Program

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Family Supports and Reimbursement Program:

The Family Supports and Reimbursement Program (FSRP) is intended to assist individuals with
developmental disabilities and their families that do not qualify for any Medicaid State Plan benefits. The Family Supports and Reimbursement Program will utilize State General Fund dollars to offer services and supports to individuals and their families as a resource to aid, enhance family stability, and to have a positive impact on the individual directly related to their health, safety, personal growth, and engagement within their community. The Family Supports and Reimbursement Program will be based on the principles of self-direction and person-centeredness enabling the individual and family to make decisions on services and supports that best suits their needs.


  •  The applicant must be a New Mexico resident.
  • The applicant must be registered with the New Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Supports Division’s Central Registry and placed on the Waiting List.
  • The individual must meet New Mexico’s state definition for developmental disability as stated in New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) 8.290.400.
  • The applicant is not eligible for any Medicaid State Plan benefit(s).
  • The applicant is or has not received any State General Fund services during the current Fiscal year.

Scope of Services:

Services and Supports based on the needs of the individual with a developmental disability may include but are not limited to the purchase of Adaptive Equipment, Clothing, Crisis Situations, Dental, Adult Depends, Special Diet, Eyeglass/Hearing Aid Devices, Furniture, Guardianship, Special Needs Trusts, Medication Co-Pays, Physician Co-Pays, Out of State Travel, Respite, Supplements, Technology, Therapies, and Transportation.