Family of seven by the ocean shore.Patient/Family-Centered Care

Patient and Family-Centered Care is an approach that recognizes the value of health care staff and families working together as partners to best meet the needs of the child or patient. Excellence in health care happens when all parties work together and honor the expertise that each individual brings.

Patient and Family-Centered Care is a continual effort to be responsive to the needs and choices of each family.

The core concepts of Patient and Family Centered Care are:

  • Dignity and Respect – providers must listen to and honor patient and family ideas and choices while keeping in mind patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds to improve care planning and delivery.
  • Information Sharing – providers must communicate complete and unbiased information with patients and families in ways they can understand. Patients and families receive timely, complete and accurate details so they can take part in care and decision making.
  • Involvement – providers encourage and support patients and families in care and decision-making.
  • Collaboration – providers invite patients and family members to work together with health care staff to develop and evaluate policies and programs.
  • Medical Home – emphasizes comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with the goal of obtaining maximized health outcomes.

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